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Digital Wallet

A more secure and easier way to make purchases.

What is a Digital Wallet?

A digital wallet allows you to securely and conveniently pay with a tap of your smartphone or watch at any merchant where you see this logo. These transactions are more secure because your Card information is not stored on your device but is instead encrypted into a unique code for transactions.

How do I use a Digital Wallet?

Digital Wallet Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do I Need to Wait to Use My Card After Activating?

Depending on your device, your card may be activated and available instantly. Some cards may take up to 10 minutes to activate.

Some cards may require an extra verification step:

You may be prompted to call our Digital Wallet Activation Service at (423) 626-1998 to confirm additional information.

If you still experience troubles activating your card, please contact your local branch for assistance.

Is Digital Wallet Secure?

Yes, these transactions are more secure because your Card information is not stored on your device but is instead encrypted into a unique code for transactions. Your card number is not compromised by being exposed to the merchant, making the transaction more secure.

What is the cost associated with Digital Wallet?

First Century Bank does not charge for you to use Apple Pay® or Google Pay®. Your mobile carrier may have fees/charges that apply based on your data plan.

How will I know a transaction was approved and went through?

A confirmation will appear on your screen confirming the completion of your payment on your mobile device.

What happens if my device is lost/stolen?

Immediately contact your service provider to have your device deactivated and report it lost or stolen and then contact Security Bank to have your debit card cancelled.

What happens when I lose my card?

Immediately delete the card from your Digital Wallet and contact First Century Bank Bank to have your card cancelled, which will disable your card from being able to be used for purchases. Cancelling your card with First Century Bank does deactivate your card from Digital Wallet but you will still need to delete your deactivated card from your Digital Wallet.

If I change phones, do I need to re-enroll?


What happens if the card’s expiration date or security code changes?

The virtual account number assigned to your card will be deactivated and the cardholder will need to go through the enrollment process to re-enroll.

Supported Digital Wallets

Apple PayApple Pay is easy and works with the Apple devices you use every day. You can make contactless, secure purchases in stores, in apps, and on the web.

To learn more about Apple Pay® and see the list of Apple devices that support Apple Pay, please click here.
Google PayGoogle Pay is the fast, simple way to pay with Google. It brings together everything you need at checkout and keeps your payment info safe in your Google Account until you’re ready to pay.

To learn more about Google Pay®, and see the list of devices that support Google Pay, please click here.
Samsung PaySamsung Pay is More than a wallet Carry your favorite cards on your devices so you can pay in-person, in-app or online.

To learn more about Samsung Pay® and see the list of Samsung devices that support Samsung Pay, please click here..

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