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Consumer & Business Fees

DescriptionAssociated Fee
Return Check Fees, NSF Fees (for paying or returning items, per item/per presentment), Overdraft Fees, or Overdraft Privilege fees per item (Created by check, In-person withdrawals, ATM withdrawals, or other Electronic Means)$35.00
Dormant Account Charge (Monthly for balances under $500)$5.00
Sweep Fee (Per Sweep to account)$5.00
Telephone Transfer (Excluding Loan Payments)$5.00
Stop Payments (Including ACH Items)$35.00
Cashier's Check Fee$6.00
Deposited Items Charged Back and or Cash Items$15.00
ATM Fees (per foreign bank ATM transaction)$1.00
ATM Surcharged Fee on Foreign Transactions at our ATM's except for checkcard debit POS transactions$2.95
Debit Card Replacement (1st replacement card is free/Replacement due to fraud no charge)$7.00
Incoming Wire Transfers$15.00
Outgoing Wire Transfers$35.00
Foreign Wire Transfers Outgoing (Correspondent Bank $25.00; FCB $75.00)$100.00
Research Fee (plus $1.00 per copy) per hour$50.00
Consumer Additional Mailed Statement Fee$5.00
Lost Safety Deposit Box Key Fee (One Key Replacement)$75.00
Replacement Fee for Safe Deposit Box (Two Key and Lock Replacement)$250.00
Safe Deposit Box Rent Late Fee (Per Month)$10.00
Service Charge Excess W/D Fee (Over 9 per quarter, Savings Accounts)$7.50
Service Charge Excess W/D Fee (over 6 per month, on Money Markets) | Transactions Such as: Checks, In Person, ATM W/D, or Other Electronic Items$7.50
Levy & Garnishment Fee$150.00
Incoming and Outgoing Collection Items (Draft, Personal Check, Foreign Item, Interchange not included); including Special Collection Items$50.00
Replacing Loan Coupon Book$5.00
Loan Payoff Fee$25.00
IRA Transfer Fee$25.00
Additional Copy 1099$5.00

Business Fees

Below Fees only apply to Business Accounts
DescriptionAssociated Fee
Night Deposit Lock Bag$25.00
Night Deposit Zip Bag$10.00
Daily Overdraft Fee (For 3 Consecutive Business Days or more on Business or Commercial Accounts per day)$10.00
Mailed Statement Fee (Business and Public Value $3.00)$5.00

Account Analysis Fees | Premium Business Only

Account Analysis Fees apply to Premium Business Accounts Only
DescriptionAssociated Fee
Account Maintenance Fee$14.00
Checks Written Fee (per check)$0.14
Currency Straps Deposited Fee (per strap)$0.14
Coin Rolls Deposited Fee (per roll)$0.14
Local Items Deposited Fee (per check)$0.14
Transit Items Deposited Fee (per check)$0.14
Currency (Cash out to Customers) Fee (per strap)$0.14
Rolled Coins (Cash out to Customers) Fee (per roll)$0.14
Remote Deposit Anywhere - previously called Mobile Deposit CaptureFee (per month)$6.00
Remote Deposit Complete Monthly Fee$29.95
Remote Deposit Complete Per Check$0.11