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Earliest Ledger Entry on Record
1899 - Claiborne County Bank Organized

Original Bank Office Bank Charter

Claiborne County Bank was organized on October 10, 1899, with Capital Stock of $10,000. The bank was located on the corner across the street from Tazewell Baptist Church.

1905 – Chartered as Claiborne National Bank

Claiborne National Bank Logo

On May 15, 1905, a National Charter was issued to Claiborne National Bank.

1914 -1918 - World War I
1919 - Foley Property Purchased

Historic Claiborne County Bank Building

In July 1919, the Foley property located on Main Street in Tazewell was purchased for $4,000.00 by the Bank.

1919 - Chartered as Claiborne County Bank

Claiborne County Bank Logo

On October 23, 1919, the Bank was chartered as Claiborne County Bank.

1929 - 1939 - Great Depression

The Great Depression lasted from 1929 to 1939 and was the worst economic downturn in the history of the industrialized world.

1939-1945 - World War II
?1947 - Glenn Yoakum becomes President

Young Glenn Yoakum

1968 - Moved to New Location

Historic Tazewell Office

On January 2, 1968, the Bank moved to its new location on Highway 25E – where it remains today.

1780 North Broad Street, Tazewell, TN 37879

New Tazewell Office Established

Historic New Tazewell Office

301 North Broad Street, New Tazewell, TN 37825

Harrogate Office Established

Historic Harrogate Office

6946 Cumberland Gap Pkwy, Harrogate, TN 37752

Name Changed to First Claiborne Bank

First Claiborne Bank Logo

On February 10, 1988, the State approved a change in name from Claiborne County Bank to First Claiborne Bank.

Maynardville Office Established

Historic Maynardville Office

2969 Maynardville Hwy, Maynardville, TN 37807

Sneedville Office Established

Historic Sneedville Office

1479 E. Main Street, Sneedville, TN 37869

Emory Road Office Established

Historic Emory Road Office

600 E. Emory Road, Powell, TN 37849

Name Changed to First Century Bank

First Century Bank Logo

On May 17, 1999, the Board of Directors approved to change the name of First Claiborne Bank to First Century Bank.

Strawberry Plains Pike Office Established

Strawberry Plains Office

Office Closed in January of 2016.

Rob Barger becomes President

Rob Barger

The Great Recession (2007-2009)

The Great Recession began in December 2007 and ended in June 2009, which makes it the longest recession since World War II.

Maryville Office Established

Maryville Office

1522 W Broadway Ave, Maryville, TN 37801

Refreshed Logo Released

Official First Century Bank Logo

Market Street Office Established

Market Street

625 Market Street, Knoxville, TN 37902