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What is Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse refers to intentional or negligent acts by a caregiver or “trusted” individual that causes (or potentially causes) harm to an older adult.

Who is at Risk?

Elder abuse can occur anywhere – in the home, in nursing homes, or other institutions. It affects seniors across all socioeconomic groups, cultures and races.

What should I do if I suspect Elder Abuse?

Report your concerns.

Remember: Most cases of elder abuse go undetected. Don’t assume that someone has already reported a suspicious situation.

In most cases of immediate danger, call 911. Otherwise, you can call Eldercare Locator at 1-800-677-1116 to be connected to your local reporting agency.

For more information on agencies that can help, visit and click on Get Help or call 1-855-500-3537.


Talk with family members, friends and professionals that you trust and plan for your future.

Be Cautious!

Unscrupulous people target seniors and will abuse or take advantage of them.

Stay Connected!

Keep in touch regularly with others, isolation can make you vulnerable to abuse.


Making a report in instances of abuse or neglect is the right thing to do, and it’s easy. Don’t be afraid! Elders have a right to be safe!



June 12, 2019

You can take action to protect yourself and your loved ones from abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Let’s stop elder abuse together!

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