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Text banking makes banking on the go as simple as sending a text. Sign up for text messaging on your accounts to receive balance and transaction information when you want it. When you send us a text/SMS message requesting information, we send you a reply text with the requested information within seconds. Or setup alerts to come to your phone automatically.

SMS1 Text Banking allows registered users to receive balance and transaction information via text messaging.

  • No internet plan or browser requirements
  • Simple and Convenient
  • Account Balance
  • Account History
  • Commands are NOT case sensitive

1Data Carrier may charge data fees. Please check with your carrier.


  • Text “ENROLLFCB” to 1-800-201-6967 from your mobile device to initiate the enrollment process
  • We will call you to verify information and then activate the service
  • Then, text any of the commands below to the same number as needed (no login credentials necessary)
  • You can also auto enroll yourself by logging in to online banking using one of our apps. Once in simply click on text banking and follow the prompts.

Pull Alerts

BALAvailable balance for all enrolled accounts
HISTFive most recent transactions for all enrolled accounts
BAL + last 4 digits of account (e.g. BAL 3456)Available balance for the specified account
HIST + last 4 digits of account (e.g. BAL 3456)Five most recent transactions for the specified account
HELPA list of text commands (BAL, HIST, SUSPEND)
SUSPENDSMS service for the enrolled user will be immediately suspended

Push Alerts

Daily Balance This Alert will send the Balance to the customer at a specific time on specific days of the week.
Monthly Balance This Alert will send the Balance to the customer on a specific time and specific day of the month.
Balance ThresholdThis Alert will send the customer a message if their balance goes above or below a specific amount during a specific timeframe.